Bulk SMS Benefits

The ‘Reason Why’ of Bulk SMS

There are multiple advantages in bulk SMS marketing which tells us why it is in such great demand in today’s market.

Bulk SMS is the best option available for small or big business to market their business with low cost and high effectiveness. If you are new to SMS marketing then this document will help you to encrease your SMS marteking knowledge.

Benefits are not only along the lines of cost effectiveness and speed. Various advantages to adding bulk SMS to your business’ marketing strategy are related to the following points.

Huge and continued use of mobile phones

The average time of person looks at the phone is 150times/day.

High open rates with rapid response:

The Bulk SMS have a very high opening percentage, of the order of 98-99%, and moreover 90% of the messages are read within 3 seconds of receipt. There is only 5% opt-out rates for SMS marketing campaigns.

Source Nielsen Survey 2014 and others

More effective than email

SMS has 5X higher open rates, 5x higher response rates and 2400x quicker response times than email (source: Oracle Marketing Cloud – MS Guide, 2015 and others). Often, part of the email received are delivered into the spam box.

Moreover, in email Marketing the customer have to Log in and need an internet connection.

The preferred choice

Customers prefer to receive promotions by text message rather than mobile web according to research by the Direct Marketing Association

Instant Delivery

Text messaging lets you reach your target audience almost immediately. Ideal for limited time offers. SMS takes less than 7 sec to get delivery at anytime and anywhere. This will help you to reach customer much faster than any other channel

Customer Engagement

It is a direct way to connect with customers. Then customers can easily be retained and delighted with the help of SMS

Permission Based

You send bulk SMS to customers who agreed to receive messages from your company/organization. They are mostly active buyers who would like to receive information about specials offers from you.


You can use bulk SMS both for promotional and transactional SMS. Order status alerts, payment info, special offers,critical updates, important announcements, etc..

Low Cost and High ROI :

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns have lower cost and a higher ROI when compared to other forms of marketing like Social media ads, traditional marketing ads, etc..

Huge Reach

People have their mobile phones within their arm’s reach. While Internet access is not always available, most mobile phones are SMS-enabled and People do not need any internet connection to access the SMS features. That’s what makes SMS channel indispensible.

Redemption Rates

10-20% of SMS coupons sent via SMS get redeemed.

Customer convenience

Customers have a favorable attitude to companies who value their time and use SMS channel for keeping them updated about important info. When used wisely, bulk text messaging does increase customer loyalty.

Waste Free

Absolutely eco-friendly way of promoting your business, with no paper to waste




Credits: This article is based on a multiplicity of sources, the contents of which have been partly adapted and revised

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Monetization of A2P SMS traffic

Offer for TelCo Operators.

SIM Box detection (and not only)

“Increase your revenue now”

SIM Box fraud is a growing phenomenon and costs the telecommunications industry billions of dollars. The main reasons are:

  • SIM Box equipment is low cost, feature rich and widely available.
  • Fraudster are smart and savvy.
  • All-inclusive cheap bundle packages by mobile operators are driving SIM Box popularity.

But, at the same time, SIM Box usage leads to bad customer experience.

Then, SIM Box fraud affects two of our pillars for our companies: Revenues and “the Customer”.

Together with our partners, with experience and international presence in a variety of countries, using a combination of advanced methods and round the clock detection we are geared to offer a unique and effective solution, in order to combat the phenomenon and to recover revenue streams that would otherwise be lost.

Our approach consists of four fundamental components:

  • Message Simulator
  • SIM Box Analytics Engine
  • Message ContentAnalytics
  • Intelligence

Below is a general description for each of the components.

Message Simulator

OTT brands and test messages are simulated and sent to our probes. Data from probes is analyzed automatically, route used identified and information fed back to a 24/7 dedicate team for immediate action.

SIM Boxes are identified by using advanced pattern recognition algorithms and by combining route, Sender ID and message content information. Moreover tests are carried out in order to validate SIM Box usage.

SIM Box Analytics Engine

Reports are received automatically via SFTP from the Mobile Operator and are fed into the Analytics Engine.

The SIM Box AnalyticsEngineautomaticallyanalysis the reportsand according topre-definedthresholds will raise alarms.

Alarms aregenerated andforwarded to our team for furthermonitoring.

A dedicated team will analysethe alarms andblocking of trafficwill be carried outdepending onprocedures agreedwith the mobileoperator.

Message content analytics

The International A2P Message Content Database contains all messages used by International OTT brands and is updated constantly.

The Database is uploaded onto the Mobile Operator SMS Firewall and rules are applied in order to allow such messages from authorized GTs or Sender IDs only.


Our database contains detailed information about messaging activity which we have build through the years and update periodically (Information about illegal routes, Information about Network Operators doing SMS Aggregation, Information about the latest techniques in SID masking, etc).

It should be emphasized that our solution does not apply only to the phenomenon of SIM boxes but more generally to the main fraudulent techniques that today negatively affect the revenues (and margins) of telecommunications operators:

  • Revenue leakage from SMS traffic terminated via international links from Roaming Partners, SMS Providers and SMS Hubs
  • Revenue leakage from International SMS traffic terminated via domestic operators and local SMS Providers
  • SPAM and Fraudulent traffic received by subscribers resulting in customer complaints, port outs and brand damage

Once our solution is implemented, the advantages for the operator are immediately evident:

  • Eliminate Loss of Revenue from International SMS termination
  • Generate New Revenue by monetizing A2P SMS traffic
  • Protect Customers from spam and fraudulent SMS

Our solution in its most complete implementation, which involves a sort of intimate collaboration with the operator, is the one that can maximize the recovery of revenue and margins.

What Makes Us Unique ?

Unlike other players, we do not just sell an SMS Firewall product, but we also offer a comprehensive managed service to help our client, the mobile operator, secure the maximum revenue opportunity and provide the best customer experience.

And last but not least, we do not ask for any investment. Our compensation is based on a revenue sharing mechanism.

Ultimately what we offer is:

  • Profitability
    • New revenue stream from monetization of A2P SMS traffic.
    • No investment requirement and no operational costs.
  • Peace of Mind
    • Take control of your SMS traffic and maximize your revenue.
    • Protect your subscribers against fraudulent traffic.
    • Proven technology and performance.
  • Experience and Innovation
    • We come with a wealth of experience in the telecommunications world offering a future proof product and the best customer experience.


Bizando and its partners provide expertise of companies, knowledge and skills in multiple areas, with the aim of starting, consolidate or develop the business of its customers.

Bizando brings together in one context, the experience in marketing, technology and business development of the founder, partners and a selected network consists of professionals with proven capabilities and cutting-edge companies in their sector.

In particular Bizando offers:

  • a network of professionals and managers, able to ensure the continuity methodological and operational on the specific project, in addition to the necessary consulting support
  • a network of partner companies that operate in different geographical areas and to ensuring the supply of hardware, software, platforms and applications, under the supervision of Bizando

Also, we can provide any type of operational and logistical support that will contribute to the success of each project, guaranteeing at the same time updating in real time on the context and effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

To discover without obligation what we can do for your business contact us.

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Bizando means for us to 'do business together' at the international level.

Bizando supports and helps companies in developing their business abroad, helping them to avoid the most common hazards, minimizing costs in the exploratory phase and supporting them in making the best choices.

Partners Bizando hold an exceptional experience as a consultant in international business and specialize in different industries, principalmente le Telco e l’ICT.

In any case, it is crucial for us to simplify the business approach and provide flexibility in adapting to the changing realities of the markets.

Bizando can support internaziolizzazione in Spain, in Brazil and in other markets.

In particular the Maghreb and the Middle East Bizando, in partnership with Omega ITS, has launched a specific brand:


to focus on the needs of customers who want to expand their business in these markets. The objective is to provide a regional model that speaks with a single voice, and at the same time specialized for each target.

Megabip combines the experience of Bizando in the world of technology and innovation with the international network of contacts at the highest level of Omega ITS. The main benefit of Partenrship is the ability to offer a complete portfolio of business services, concretely promoting the internationalization.


Mobile ticketing

The mobile ticketing is the new frontier of systems for the’ purchase and pay for tickets.

And’ can manage with a single platform all aspects relating to the purchase, the issuance and delivery of tickets and passes access through mobile devices.

And’ can also be alerted in time before the ticket expires.

Bizando is able to provide, typically the city corporations, a complete and safe solution, and that includes all major payment services. Obviously I'm including the validation of the ticket and all major administrative aspects necessary to ensure a response to 360 degrees and "ready to use" for the needs of the client company.

The solution of Mobile ticketing Bizando:

  • reduces the cost of printing and physical distribution of tickets
  • increases the chances of buying tickets to the final consumer, for the latter increasing the convenience and comfort
  • increases the revenue, because in general increases the accessibility when purchasing your ticket, which can be bought in virtually any place and at any time
  • allows you to use your e-ticket as a vehicle for additional stream of revenue (vedi advertising) or to provide additional services to the consumer
  • consente all’azienda il totale controllo della piattaforma attraverso un’interfaccia di amministrazione totalmente user friendly

Screenshot 2013-08-02 all 12.20.30

Communication 2.0 and over

Today comunicazionv is increasingly EVEN social and the web is not ONLY a virtual space, but a virtual entity that interacts with a real entity and is governed by terms and conditions of engagement different and often more effective techniques conventionally consolidated.

Taking into account this context, Bziando in Partenrship with Jera is able to support brands, products, companies, businesses, organizations and institutions, projects with ad hoc communication, both ON and OFF line, ABOVE BELOW is that the line.

After an initial strategic consulting (little paper and a lot of substance), Bizando and Jera loom the needs and goals of the customer by offering dedicated solutions, communication strategies to marketing campaigns, for the achievement of business objectives.


  • we analyze the competition
  • identify the target audience
  • assess possible impacts of regulatory
  • deepen enablers of technological

On this basis

  • propose the positioning of the company or product on the market
  • create and develop marketing and communication strategies that are effective in meeting its objectives
  • we measure the result of the communication

All in partnership with:

Screenshot 2013-08-04 all 10.53.20