Bulk SMS Benefits

The ‘Reason Why’ of Bulk SMS

There are multiple advantages in bulk SMS marketing which tells us why it is in such great demand in today’s market.

Bulk SMS is the best option available for small or big business to market their business with low cost and high effectiveness. If you are new to SMS marketing then this document will help you to encrease your SMS marteking knowledge.

Benefits are not only along the lines of cost effectiveness and speed. Various advantages to adding bulk SMS to your business’ marketing strategy are related to the following points.

Huge and continued use of mobile phones

The average time of person looks at the phone is 150times/day.

High open rates with rapid response:

The Bulk SMS have a very high opening percentage, of the order of 98-99%, and moreover 90% of the messages are read within 3 seconds of receipt. There is only 5% opt-out rates for SMS marketing campaigns.

Source Nielsen Survey 2014 and others

More effective than email

SMS has 5X higher open rates, 5x higher response rates and 2400x quicker response times than email (source: Oracle Marketing Cloud – MS Guide, 2015 and others). Often, part of the email received are delivered into the spam box.

Moreover, in email Marketing the customer have to Log in and need an internet connection.

The preferred choice

Customers prefer to receive promotions by text message rather than mobile web according to research by the Direct Marketing Association

Instant Delivery

Text messaging lets you reach your target audience almost immediately. Ideal for limited time offers. SMS takes less than 7 sec to get delivery at anytime and anywhere. This will help you to reach customer much faster than any other channel

Customer Engagement

It is a direct way to connect with customers. Then customers can easily be retained and delighted with the help of SMS

Permission Based

You send bulk SMS to customers who agreed to receive messages from your company/organization. They are mostly active buyers who would like to receive information about specials offers from you.


You can use bulk SMS both for promotional and transactional SMS. Order status alerts, payment info, special offers,critical updates, important announcements, etc..

Low Cost and High ROI :

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns have lower cost and a higher ROI when compared to other forms of marketing like Social media ads, traditional marketing ads, etc..

Huge Reach

People have their mobile phones within their arm’s reach. While Internet access is not always available, most mobile phones are SMS-enabled and People do not need any internet connection to access the SMS features. That’s what makes SMS channel indispensible.

Redemption Rates

10-20% of SMS coupons sent via SMS get redeemed.

Customer convenience

Customers have a favorable attitude to companies who value their time and use SMS channel for keeping them updated about important info. When used wisely, bulk text messaging does increase customer loyalty.

Waste Free

Absolutely eco-friendly way of promoting your business, with no paper to waste




Credits: This article is based on a multiplicity of sources, the contents of which have been partly adapted and revised

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Artificial Intelligence Collective bio-inspired

Artificial Intelligence Collective bio-inspired

We are programmed beings, intelligent but scheduled, only that our programming system is DNA, an evolutionary system with over 3.500 millions of years of machine learning.

The long nature inspires humans, there is no doubt that Leonardo Da Vinci was in this sense a great forerunner. Although the oldest known documents on the inspiration that man derives from nature date back over 40.000 years ago - just think of the caves of Lascaux or Altamira, when primitive man was already endowed with artistic sense – there was no artist in art history, more or less brilliant, that at some point in its evolution has not found inspiration from nature.

But Leonardo was the one who said that "outside of nature and there is nothing more research is useless ..." and that perfection and elegance make it exhibited an aspirational model for the human being, imperfect by definition…

And this is the Artificial Intelligence (AI), a model that mimics the imperfection of human thought, and therefore must be fallible, social, bio-inspired and evolutionary … (if you identify a solution fallible and accurate, or an algorithm, AI is not). And it is advisable to apply it.

The Importance

The natural or artificial intelligence requires learning, in different ways, mostly heuristic, such as the imitation of nature, who perpetually involved human beings, and every time, increasingly social behavior and, obviously, the common good.

We work from KNOWDLE GROUP 2011 (the 2 April we started this evolutionary process of learning) studying and learning from our mistakes.

It is important to understand the collective intelligence does not like what makes us equal, but as that which it integrates us and makes us better together. “What you know I do not know, I know and what you do not know”, This is the summary of our method.

Come ben says Rafael Yuste, director of the Brain Project in the US, you can not understand the brain from a single neuron, or you can not figure out a picture with a single pixel.

The underlying model of our approach

Our interpretative model of knowledge is essential for the result of our collective artificial intelligence bioispirata closely resembles the human decision-making mechanism. Each of us, according to all the studies of the sector, arrives to take over 35.000 decisions every day, and the 90% such decisions are collective, that is influenced by other human beings, they are our friends, our families or our colleagues.

The very nature has an equally strong impact on those decisions One example is climate, even influencing our mood. We do not take the same decisions when it's sunny or raining, when it's cold or hot.

And then account should be taken of motivation, another human element that feeds the differentiation. There is a right decision without the proper motivation.

From the conceptual point of view, it all seems very simple, but in fact conceals a considerable complexity.

A KNOWDLE we have developed an architecture able to learn and automate complex processes that are similar to human behavior. And learn from his decisions. And its motives. It is based on what influence, especially on those who influence us.

“The only thing we have not yet reproduced is creativity, human that ability that humans possess in a manner such as to be identified. And there are robots that are still able to reproduce. The use of AI should allow the human being the time to devote to the richest activities of satisfaction and less boring, leaving aside the dangerous jobs, tediosi, boring and why not 'dirty', in the broadest sense of the expression.”

The Artificial Intelligence is not infallible, but it can be inspired to ethics and above all aim at maximizing the common good

And if all this vast sea of ​​complex systems we add the common good, we approach ethics, to that space where the effect or impact of our decisions on our environment is beneficial (or at least is the least harmful way). In KNOWDLE we designed a decision-making environment that includes all these elements with remarkable efficiency.

A world that will continue to improve in the coming years by adding goals to decision-making. Another imitation of human nature. Our motivation is always reflected in our objectives. And the decisions that bring us closer or away from them.

The AI ​​is not algorithms, although help, It is not a neural network, although they are useful in some of their facets, It is not infallible, although it tries to approach infallibility, but mostly it's learning, explanation and verification, the results and impacts. A challenge, that is not new, but now, come KNOWDLE, It has an incredible future and exciting to develop.


Mini trench for the optical fiber in Bucharest

Contract for the construction of mini trench for the optical fiber in Bucharest

As part of our proposal internationalization in Romania, it offers the possibility to access important contract for building works related to the realization of excavation in mini trench for the laying of fiber optics (excluding the electrical part and laying of fiber).

It has not provided any alternative text for this

Realization of excavation in mini trench from 14 cm wide and 40 cm depth of approximately, installation of corrugated provided by the purchaser, sand bed 5 cm (supply and installation), mini trench closure materials resulting in part, mixed concrete (supply and installation), in the lasts 5 cm and asphalt (supply and installation); realization in work (supply and laying of concrete, sand and electro welded mesh) inspection chamber, only laying of manhole driveways provided by the client and the realization of the inherent allacci, including risers and just laying tapes to the buildings service.

Under absent services and out of the corporate responsibility executor.

It has not provided any alternative text for this

average daily production with wheel: You can be estimated 150/200 linear meters with a team from 8 people + 2 operators (excavator and bobcat).

It has not provided any alternative text for this

Final price, including wells: approximately EUR 23/25 x linear meter.

It has not provided any alternative text for this

It is counted in days 15 and 30 with payment of the invoice month 15 gg.

It has not provided any alternative text for this

Yet 35 million euro available.


Consultancy for telecommunications services

Choice of integrated telecommunications services provider.

Bizando has been selected to support a customer, of primary importance in the world Solidarity Economy, in order to improve communications and identify a single source for voice and data services.

The customer received 4 tenders for the supply of an integrated solution that includes:

  • VoIP su MPLS,
  • simultaneous migration of the data center in the Cloud (compliant con GDPR)
  • adoption of a new unified messaging platform
  • fiber optic access and XDSL

The support of Bizando was asked for the following activities:

  • evaluation of tenders
  • indication of the key parameters to make the best use of the offers contained
  • Comparison of key aspects
  • control and identification of any offer components absent
  • identification / SLA's suggestion to use during contrattualizzazionand
  • coaching during delivery by the supplier (with an indication of guidelines for the aspects to be monitored)

The angle of acronyms and terminology.

The main aspects of cooperation, in Customer Support, concern:

  • xDSL connectivity,
  • FO broadband connectivity,
  • MPLS,
  • Cloud VoIP – UCC,
  • Virtual Data Centers migration,
  • Cyber Security,
  • GDPR compliance,
  • KPI – SLA

Artificial Intelligence Collective

The ultimate enabler for the exponential increase in business

As the ACI motors can turn faster your business

For many entrepreneurs, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) It may seem like a daunting challenge. It is easy to dismiss the AI ​​as a complicated tool and a little’ alien that can be used and understood only by computer scientists and other experts from large technology companies, but this attitude is wrong. In reality, There are many ways for small and large companies to exploit artificial intelligence at this time. They should not wait - their competitors certainly will not.

Although it is often mythologized in popular culture and treated as an economic force very destabilizing, artificial intelligence is very similar to any other technology.

As a developer of Artificial Intelligence Collective solutions (ACI) we want our solutions are available for business owners that feed the huge engine of 'economic activity.

Why Artificial Intelligence Collective?

A pixel (short for picture element) It is a colored dot, one of the thousands or millions that make up a single digital photography. Sull'ACI the same thing happens, “you can not understand the whole picture with only a single pixel”, or, you can not understand human behavior with just a single data, even with millions of data about himself. What you need is to understand human behavior in all contexts, the semantic meaning of the data, and people related to him.

As artificial intelligence is used in business?

The use of the ICA in product development is the most common use of AI in business today.

Half of the companies using the AI ​​in their business platforms do to improve the product value for its customers.

Companies typically use natural language processing and machine learning to collect customer feedback data and purchasing trends. Other common uses of AI relate to the management of relations with customers.

The small and large companies can improve their market position with the use of these tools of AI.

It has not provided any alternative text for this

Because the AI ​​is becoming increasingly popular among companies of all sizes, it is even more important for your company to take advantage of what our revolutionary tools with ACI technology have to offer.

It has not provided any alternative text for this


The use of artificial intelligence in business has many advantages. However, We can summarize the advantages of the ACI motors in four major benefits for businesses of any size.

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Improved decision-making

The ACI engines provide better access and organization of information in enterprises, enabling more effective decision-making and efficient. Being able to make informed decisions in a timely manner provides significant competitive advantages.

It has not provided any alternative text for this

lower costs

All companies are suffering from inefficiency in the operation and use of resources. The use of ACI solutions to improve logistics and systems management optimizes these areas. Consequently, the AI ​​can actually reduce costs and allow for greater profitability

It has not provided any alternative text for this

Generating additional revenue

The ACI solutions can also improve profits by increasing revenues. And if the use of the ICA in the sales and marketing areas can generate more revenue, likewise, ACI's use can improve processes in product development and CRM.

It has not provided any alternative text for this

Best value creation

Using artificial intelligence in the areas of development product, the company can design better products and services to meet customer needs. L 'ACI improves the identification of consumer needs, then by offering a significant competitive advantage.

Use our ACI technology for the collection and analysis of data

Qualtrics recently conducted a study that analyzes the feedback 250 marketing leaders and found that the 96% of them expect the AI ​​to handle repetitive tasks like research data cleansing within five years. The 63% He thinks that artificial intelligence will dominate the statistical analysis within the next decade.


These changes are occurring not only in the marketing industry. While the AI ​​is essential for large companies that have access to impressive amount of data on consumers, it is vital for all types of businesses who want to draw meaningful conclusions from the most modest amount of information.

Advanced techniques such as analysis of statistical regression are not thinkable for companies with limited budgets (one considers the prohibitive cost to hire an analyst firm or a full-time data experts), ACI but can be made accessible and intuitive.

When businesses have access to sophisticated statistical tools, They can learn more about their customers and discover new ones. ACI is a versatile statistical tool, the definition of what helps to strengthen customer retention to the identification of new market niches.

It has not provided any alternative text for this

“C – in the first place – also it allowed businesses to collect a significant amount of data. From sentiment analysis with machine learning algorithms that track the preferences and habits of customers, powerful data collection mechanisms are now available for large and small companies”


It has not provided any alternative text for this

For this reason it is not surprising that a McKinsey report of April 2018 has detected that the impact of artificial intelligence “It could be more consistent in marketing and sales”.

Opportunities in Romania

Why Romania is an opportunity

  • In Romania, which it is crossed by the pan-European corridors 4 and 9, It has a strategic geographical position that favors trade
  • In the period 2016-2017, according to the '' European Scoreboard ", the main tool used by the European Union to evaluate the innovation capacity of various countries, using a rating scale that ranges from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 7, Romania ranks
    • last place in Europe for the quality of road infrastructure with a score of 2,70
    • as regards the railway infrastructure Romania recorded a score of 2,60
    • for airport infrastructurein Romania and farm 4,04
  • The construction sector is identified among the most interesting and invest
  • Romania has launched in recent years:
    • an ambitious plan of about 12 billion euro for large infrastructure projects (transport, energy and environment); are planned upgrading of the railway network, the development of aero- ports of strategic national interest and the naval transport infrastructure modernization, as well as the strengthening of the ports on the Danube and those maritime
    • a Master Plan for Transportation 43,5 billion Euros which includes infrastructure investments in Romania for road sectors, railway, marine and multimodal. The cover estimated expenditure comes from European funds, from the State Budget, as concessions and public-private partnerships and loans granted by EIB, EBRD and other financial institutions.
  • In Romania there is a good presence of Italian banks

If you are interested in working in Romania, look at our page dedicated to internationalization: http://www.bizando.com/internazionalizzazione/


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