Nanotechnology is a relatively new field of science, engineering and technology in general it refers to all that has nanoscale. In other words, is the science of things "very small".

But how small is "small" and what "nano"?

A nanometer is one billionth (O 10-9) a meter. It is a scale much smaller than the one to which the scientists were devoting until a short time ago. It is rather difficult to imagine how "small" this scale. Just to have an idea, There are 10.000.000 of nanometers in one centimeter. Most human body cells have dimensions of the order of hundreds of nanometers.

Nanotechnology is a science that can be applied in a transversal way in all other areas of science, such as chemicals, Medicine, engineering, biology, materials science.

But what it does in a nutshell nanotechnology? Controls and directs the individual particles - atoms and molecules - instead of checking the material itself. At this scale, the things we think we know and that we normally take for granted are acting in a completely different way. Even microscopic particles look huge, as well as substances well known to us assume different properties, such as greater resistance, longer life, lower weight and greater flexibility.

However, with a particle size of an atom it is impossible to see with the naked eye. Moreover, It is difficult to detect even with a normal optical microscope. The microscope that is able to watch the particles at this scale was invented about 30 years ago and it marked the birth of nanotechnology as a science distinct.

When did nanotechnology? Although it is a relatively young, Nanoscience can be considered a "science" more ancient than we used to believe. People began using nanoscale materials without realizing it already centuries ago, creating works of art, weapons and glass painting in the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, Nanoscience and nanotechnology have the potential to influence and change in a positive way every area of ​​our lives, from medicine to automotive, from computers to the fashion. It can be said without any doubt, which will have a key role in the technological evolution of the twenty-first century.

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