Why Romania is an opportunity

  • In Romania, which it is crossed by the pan-European corridors 4 and 9, It has a strategic geographical position that favors trade
  • In the period 2016-2017, according to the '' European Scoreboard ", the main tool used by the European Union to evaluate the innovation capacity of various countries, using a rating scale that ranges from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 7, Romania ranks
    • last placein Europe for the quality of road infrastructure with a score of 2,70
    • as regards the railway infrastructureRomania recorded a score of 2,60
    • for airport infrastructurein Romania and farm 4,04
  • The construction sector is identified among the most interesting and invest
  • Romania has launched in recent years:
    • an ambitious plan of about 12 billion euro for large infrastructure projects (transport, energy and environment); are planned upgrading of the railway network, the development of aero- ports of strategic national interest and the naval transport infrastructure modernization, as well as the strengthening of the ports on the Danube and those maritime
    • a Master Plan for Transportation 43,5 billion Euros which includes infrastructure investments in Romania for road sectors, railway, marine and multimodal. The cover estimated expenditure comes from European funds, from the State Budget, as concessions and public-private partnerships and loans granted by EIB, EBRD and other financial institutions.
  • In Romania there is a good presence of Italian banks

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