Commercial agreement with Comi Aerospace

Bizando and Comi Aerospace: A Revolutionary Partnership for Aircraft Interiors in Central and South America

We are happy to announce an exclusive collaboration between Bizando and Comi Aerospace, an agreement that will change the face of the airline industry in Central and South America. This partnership will allow Bizando to exclusively market Comi Aerospace's innovative aircraft interiors, offering carriers in the region the opportunity to elevate the comfort and aesthetics of their aircraft.

Who is Comi Aerospace

Comi Aerospace is a public-private capital company that operates in the sector of aircraft seat production, defined as strategic by the MISE (Ministry of Business and Made in Italy): operation made possible by the entry of the industrial partner Comi SpA, by the Regional Finance Company Gepafin Spa and by the Umbria Research and Innovation Fund managed by Sici sgr Spa in the capital of the innovative start-up Aeroseatek, promoted by the Maestrale Group.
The initiative developed within MICH – Maestrale Innovation Creative Hub – the certified business incubator based in Terni and which is part of the Invitalia network.

Comi Aerospace: The Future of Interior Design for Aircraft

Comi Aerospace is a cutting-edge company in the field of aircraft interior design. Specialized in the design and creation of interiors for airliners, private planes and helicopters, Comi Aerospace is synonymous with excellence and innovation. His philosophy is based on meticulous attention to detail and the creation of spaces that marry comfort, aesthetics and functionality.

Salient Features of the Comi Aerospace Offer:

  1. Personalized Design: Comi Aerospace stands out for its ability to customize interiors based on specific customer needs, guaranteeing unique and distinctive solutions for each aircraft.
  2. Superior Quality Materials: The use of high quality materials ensures resistance, durata e comfort, ensuring an exceptional travel experience for passengers.
  3. Technology and Innovation: Comi Aerospace integrates cutting-edge technologies into its projects, offering ergonomic solutions, innovative lighting and high-quality entertainment systems.

A Strategic Partnership to Elevate the Travel Experience

This exclusive collaboration between Bizando and Comi Aerospace will revolutionize the way airlines in Central and South America design the interiors of their aircraft. Thanks to this partnership, scheduled airlines will have access to world-class interior design solutions, allowing them to significantly improve the comfort and travel experience of their passengers.

  • Improved Travel Comfort: Airlines will have the opportunity to improve the comfort and quality of travel for their passengers, ensuring a superior flight experience.
  • Unique customization: With the help of Comi Aerospace, airlines will be able to customize the interiors of their planes, adapting them to their brand and offering a distinctive flight experience.
  • Competitive Differentiation: This partnership will provide airlines with a tool to differentiate themselves from the competition, offering high quality interiors that meet the expectations of the most demanding travellers.

Driving the Future of Aviation in Central and South America

Bizando is excited about this collaboration with Comi Aerospace and believes it will revolutionize the airline industry in Central and South America. Together, we intend to redefine the concept of onboard travel experience, putting customization at the centre, comfort and elegance.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where Bizando and Comi Aerospace are committed to leading the future of the airline industry in Central and South America. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting partnership and discover how together we can take aviation to new levels of excellence. For more information, you can consult Who.

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