Digital Word-Of-Mouth. Acquire. Understand. Delight. Retain.

Bizando is the exclusive distributor for Italy of the Kingdon solution, one of the latest worldwide innovations in the world of promotion and via mobile marketing.

It is indeed difficult to define the potential of Kingdon in a nutshell. We could say that “Kingdon is a B2B2C software delivered in SaaS logic that allows to SMEs and Enterprise to manage the engagement and promotional marketing campaigns to mobile devices of their end customers, linking initiatives in the digital world with the initiatives in stores and improving the in-store experience, offering inter alia the definition and management of Loyalty, the couponing and deals.”

Ultimately Kingdon is a powerful marketing tool 360 degrees, based on the digital word of mouth, and allowing banks, financial institutions, restaurants, of retail outlets, retail chains and advertising agencies to engage new clients and maintain them over time.

Kingdon is a tool that maximizes the opportunities made available by the high penetration of mobile phones and smartphones, and transforms innuovi customers and new opportunities for contact with existing customers.

Kingdon accelerates business development significantly reducing investment in time and traditional marketing activities.

Cosa fa Kingdon

Kingdon works as a virtual decoy aimed at retail. Connects People and Brand in the digital space, and then consolidate the relationship in physical stores.

Kingdon is an automated marketing platform and easy to use, SaaS (Software as a Service) that helps companies improve the "bottom line" of business, acquiring and retaining customers through simple tools.

Kingdon enables better customer acquisition for physical stores, in a completely measurable.

The distinctive values ​​of Kingdon

Kingdon is characterized by:

  • “Word-of-mouth Digitale”: word of mouth reaches a new dimension, with member-get-member mechanisms that finally really work
  • Innovative mechanisms and improved for the acquisition of new clients ("Scratch" on mobile devices, loyalty in the long run, cards digital points, quiz)
  • automated and personalized Marketing
  • Extraordinary experience in-Store (the sales assistant personalizes the customer approach, best experience in personal relationships)
  • Attribution and Conversion Online-to-Offline
  • Amplification of positive reviews - strong improvement in availability, reputation and Local SEO, obtained promoting the effectively reviews.
  • Using analytics (KPI, detailed customer profiling and segmentation)
  • White-Label Option (API, SDK, white-label and dashboard applications are available for use "taylor-mode" by Brand, developers, partners and resellers)

The Kingdon references

Kingdon is used at world-wide level in various types of companies, from manufacturing to retail to restaurant chains, by the system-integrator of POS to the payment system operators, by franchise chains marketing agencies.

The proposed Kingdon is fully integrated with POS Clover (First Data) e Poynt POS. They are also being supplemented with other leaders in the POS world (Which, eg, Revel e Shopify).

Four solutions in one