Partnership strategica con Bemyguest

Bizando and BeMyGuest: A Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Hospitality in Central and South America

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Bizando and BeMyGuest, leader in the tourism and hospitality sector. This strategic collaboration opens up new opportunities for hotels in Central and South America, allowing them to access a wide range of high-quality services offered by BeMyGuest through Bizando channels.

BeMyGuest: A World of Tailored Experiences

BeMyGuest is a cutting-edge platform specializing in offering a wide variety of unique activities and experiences around the world. With a particular emphasis on hospitality, BeMyGuest provides hotels with access to a wide range of services and activities designed to enrich the guest experience.

The Main Features of the BeMyGuest Offer:

  1. Central Reservation System, a booking engine for hotels and hotel chains, restaurants and experiences, with a totally tailor-made approach, without being confined within the standardization of 'copy and paste' frameworks’ and with an independent characterization of the user experience through mobile
  2. Tailored experiences: BeMyGuest offers personalized and unique experiences, enabling hotels to meet the specific needs and desires of their guests.
  3. Wide Choice of Activities: From excursions to guided tours, from cultural activities to outdoor adventures, BeMyGuest offers a wide range of options to ensure an unforgettable stay.
  4. Simplified Planning: The BeMyGuest platform simplifies the management and booking of activities, allowing hotels to offer a personalized and organized service to their guests.

The Innovative Bizando-BeMyGuest Partnership: Advantages for Hotels in Central and South America

This strategic partnership between Bizando and BeMyGuest is an extraordinary opportunity for hotels in Central and South America. Hotels will have access to a powerful tool to enrich offers for their guests, improving their overall experience.

  • BeMyGuest it is a unique environment, one complete suite per hotel, resorts and hotel chains but also for restaurants, SPA and experiences. The guest is at the center of all BeMyGuest decision-making processes: sales strategy, revenue management, customer care, scalable at different levels for all resources that cooperate in hospitality
  • Expansion of the Offer: Hotels will have the opportunity to expand their offering with a wide range of activities and experiences using the platform provided by BeMyGuest, thus ensuring greater guest satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Personalization of the Experience: Thanks to the diversified offer of BeMyGuest, hotels will be able to offer personalized experiences, adapting to the preferences of its guests and distinguishing itself from the competition.
  • Innovation in Hospitality: This partnership represents a step forward in hospitality innovation, enabling hotels to offer cutting-edge services that meet the expectations of modern travellers.

A New Standard for Hospitality in Central and South America

Bizando is excited about this collaboration with BeMyGuest and believes this partnership can help revolutionize the hospitality industry in Central and South America. Together, we intend to redefine the concept of guest service, offering unique and unforgettable experiences.

Join us on this exciting journey, where Bizando and BeMyGuest are committed to creating a new standard of offer for hospitality operators in Central and South America, personalized and experience-oriented. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting partnership and discover how together we can make your stays even more special.

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