Customer Relationship Management

  • Policies related to the market
  • Relationship with Prospect (Potential customers)
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Activities of up-selling and cross selling
  • Telemarketing activities
  • Loyalty and Customer Retention
  • CRM solutions operating and automation of business processes for managing contacts with Customers
  • Design of Front-Office and Back-Office
  • Analytical CRM solutions and improved customer knowledge
  • Collaborative CRM solutions and next-generation
  • On-demand CRM solutions
  • Training and recruiting

Quality customer-

  • Design of Front-Office and Back-Office
  • Design integration with other business processes
  • Check-up of CRM systems in place and improvement strategies
  • Preparation of RFQ / RFP for technological adaptation and systems
  • Recruiting staff
  • Training and operational documentation