Artificial Intelligence Collective

The ultimate enabler for the exponential increase in business

As the ACI motors can turn faster your business

For many entrepreneurs, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) It may seem like a daunting challenge. It is easy to dismiss the AI ​​as a complicated tool and a little’ alien that can be used and understood only by computer scientists and other experts from large technology companies, but this attitude is wrong. In reality, There are many ways for small and large companies to exploit artificial intelligence at this time. They should not wait - their competitors certainly will not.

Although it is often mythologized in popular culture and treated as an economic force very destabilizing, artificial intelligence is very similar to any other technology.

As a developer of Artificial Intelligence Collective solutions (ACI) we want our solutions are available for business owners that feed the huge engine of 'economic activity.

Why Artificial Intelligence Collective?

A pixel (short for picture element) It is a colored dot, one of the thousands or millions that make up a single digital photography. Sull'ACI the same thing happens, “you can not understand the whole picture with only a single pixel”, or, you can not understand human behavior with just a single data, even with millions of data about himself. What you need is to understand human behavior in all contexts, the semantic meaning of the data, and people related to him.

As artificial intelligence is used in business?

The use of the ICA in product development is the most common use of AI in business today.

Half of the companies using the AI ​​in their business platforms do to improve the product value for its customers.

Companies typically use natural language processing and machine learning to collect customer feedback data and purchasing trends. Other common uses of AI relate to the management of relations with customers.

The small and large companies can improve their market position with the use of these tools of AI.

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Because the AI ​​is becoming increasingly popular among companies of all sizes, it is even more important for your company to take advantage of what our revolutionary tools with ACI technology have to offer.

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The use of artificial intelligence in business has many advantages. However, We can summarize the advantages of the ACI motors in four major benefits for businesses of any size.

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Improved decision-making

The ACI engines provide better access and organization of information in enterprises, enabling more effective decision-making and efficient. Being able to make informed decisions in a timely manner provides significant competitive advantages.

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lower costs

All companies are suffering from inefficiency in the operation and use of resources. The use of ACI solutions to improve logistics and systems management optimizes these areas. Consequently, the AI ​​can actually reduce costs and allow for greater profitability

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Generating additional revenue

The ACI solutions can also improve profits by increasing revenues. And if the use of the ICA in the sales and marketing areas can generate more revenue, likewise, ACI's use can improve processes in product development and CRM.

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Best value creation

Using artificial intelligence in the areas of development product, the company can design better products and services to meet customer needs. L 'ACI improves the identification of consumer needs, then by offering a significant competitive advantage.

Use our ACI technology for the collection and analysis of data

Qualtrics recently conducted a study that analyzes the feedback 250 marketing leaders and found that the 96% of them expect the AI ​​to handle repetitive tasks like research data cleansing within five years. The 63% He thinks that artificial intelligence will dominate the statistical analysis within the next decade.


These changes are occurring not only in the marketing industry. While the AI ​​is essential for large companies that have access to impressive amount of data on consumers, it is vital for all types of businesses who want to draw meaningful conclusions from the most modest amount of information.

Advanced techniques such as analysis of statistical regression are not thinkable for companies with limited budgets (one considers the prohibitive cost to hire an analyst firm or a full-time data experts), ACI but can be made accessible and intuitive.

When businesses have access to sophisticated statistical tools, They can learn more about their customers and discover new ones. ACI is a versatile statistical tool, the definition of what helps to strengthen customer retention to the identification of new market niches.

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“C – in the first place – also it allowed businesses to collect a significant amount of data. From sentiment analysis with machine learning algorithms that track the preferences and habits of customers, powerful data collection mechanisms are now available for large and small companies”


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For this reason it is not surprising that a McKinsey report of April 2018 has detected that the impact of artificial intelligence “It could be more consistent in marketing and sales”.