SMS services

In today's world of communication, in the face of loss of efficacy of traditional channels, surely the use of SMS allows you to have an edge!

The SMS reading proportion is over 95% and therefore it is not surprising that the SMS are constantly growing in different sectors, and above are used for the communication and promotion activities by the most advanced companies in terms of technology usage.

Bizando offers two messaging services via SMS Bulk (send large groups of prospects and / or customers) that stand for extremely competitive prices, based on two main case studies:

  • the customer has its own list of contacts to send his message; Again Bizando offers its service Bulk SMS
  • the customer wants to achieve a campaign of communication and promotion but does not have its own list of contacts; You can then use the service Advertising SMS.

So if you want to start a new campaign and you already know who to send your message, cLICK WHO.

If instead you need to define your target, and you want Bizando supply you a list of contacts with Opt-In, cLICK WHO.

Branded SMS (High quality)

Remember that for a small charge – for both Bulk SMS that for Advertising SMS – you can choose to personalize your SMS and send mode High quality. Click WHO for more information.

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