Bizando develop applications for devices that are used in mobility, with particular reference to smartphones and tablets.

Bizando and its partners have the expertise to enter the mobile market mass and then take advantage of the opportunity to target millions of owners of mobile devices.

The applications for the consumer market are developed taking care in particular how the functionality and human-machine interface, both in terms of graphics and intuitive ease of interaction.

The application solutions developed by Bizando transform mobile devices into instruments of labor oriented to productivity.

The common tools of labor thus become accessible at any time and in any place. It 'also possible to adapt existing web sites, optimizing mobile use and accessible from popular mobile devices.

Bizando and its partners have experience in publishing on the main Application Store, so as to ensure effective dissemination of applications developed. There are also privileged contacts with owners of media content to power the business model of B2C applications.

For all color who work in the field of direct marketing, and One To One in particular, Bizando also offers bulk sms to the best market conditions