Advertising via SMS

To the list of recipients we think

In one scenario, the effectiveness of progressive dilution of the traditional channels of communication and promotion, the SMS in recent years is contraddistinguendo as one of the most valuable channels of contact, and this in view of a series of distinctive factors:

  • very high penetration cellphone; also among users of mobile, SMS has a penetration in terms of greater use to 90%
  • universality, because the SMS reaches even those prospects who today still use a smartphone but not limited to the use of a cell of previous generations (future phone)
  • rapidity, In fact almost all of the text messages received are read within a few minutes of receiving
  • the rate of effectiveness (ie the percentage of prospects who 'does something' after receiving the SMS) It is very high, definitely higher than any other conventional channel
  • the speed, or the ability to pass from the phase of definition to the actual sending of a mobile campaign pass only a few hours

Why Bizando?

Bizando provides a simple and fast to use the most advanced solutions for mobile marketing campaigns.

More and more companies of all sizes are including our SMS services in their marketing and communication plan.

Mostly Bizando has a DB of over ten million prospects, with Opt-In, distributed on all major mobile operators, so as to have excellent coverage of potential Italian clients.

As said before, all recipients have voluntarily requested to receive such advertising communications on their mobile phone, by authorizing the processing of their data in accordance with current legislation, according to the practice of the opt-in.

You can also segment the DB, and therefore better focus its communications efforts, based on some key variables:

  • Sex (man / woman)
  • Age range (with granularity of at 1 year)
  • Geography (Region, province, CAP)

Once you have chosen the target audience (selecting precisely the recipients by age group, sex, state and / or zip code of residence) just decide text, date sent and the amount of text messages to be sent to carry out a communication campaign at the highest potential.

Not last, It should be noted the benefit of traceability: at the end of the campaign Bizando delivered a report with the number of messages sent and the proportion of deliveries reached.


  • Companies who want to give something extra to the promotion of its products and services
  • media agencies who want to add SMS to their Advertising Marketing strategies, to complement the champagne on traditional media
  • shops, discotheques, locals, bar, restaurants, sale bingo, outlet, stores, for commercial information
  • PR managers and event organizers, to promote festivals, conferences, fairs, events
  • public companies, to promote new services or updates regarding territory
  • Anyone who wants to let people know that it exists and that offer or message to communicate!

Branded SMS (High quality)

Remember that a small charge you can choose to personalize your SMS and send mode High quality. Click WHO to know more.

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