Aircraft interiors

We are pleased to share that Bizando has decided to enter the aircraft interior market! You can ask us for detailed information on the amazing interiors available for business jets and airliners. We are passionate about design and are happy to be able to offer you, thanks to our reference partners, the latest trends and luxury solutions to make your air travel an unforgettable experience.

Interior for Business Jet: Business jet aircraft interiors offer unparalleled comfort and luxury for travelers who appreciate the best. Our designers collaborate with aircraft manufacturers to create customized interior spaces that meet the needs of the most demanding customers. From elegant cabins to functional work areas, every detail is taken care of to guarantee an exclusive flight experience.

Business jet aircraft cabins can be customized according to customer preferences, who want a classic and refined style or a modern and bold design. The high quality materials, like fine skins, precious woods and shiny metals, are used to create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere. Ergonomic seats provide comfort throughout the flight, while the spaces for working or relaxing are designed to meet the different needs of passengers.

The latest generation technology is integrated into the interiors of business jet aircraft to offer a cutting-edge travel experience. Touch screens, custom entertainment systems, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and light and sound control systems allow passengers to customize the environment according to their preferences. The multifunctional living spaces can be transformed into meeting rooms, bedrooms or relaxation areas, offering unprecedented flexibility.

Similar speeches, albeit with the necessary contextualizations, apply to airliners. These can increasingly offer a comfortable and superior quality flight experience thanks to interiors designed to meet the needs of all passengers. Our designers work closely with airlines to create interiors that reflect the brand and offer a welcoming and modern atmosphere.

Airliner cabins are designed to optimize space and maximize comfort. Ergonomic armchairs offer lumbar support and sufficient legroom, ensuring a pleasant journey even during the longest flights. Interior layouts may vary according to airline requirements, offering configurations that include premium seating, classi business e classi economy.

Airliner interiors also reflect recent technological advances. The onboard entertainment systems offer a huge selection of movies, TV shows and music, ensuring passengers always have something of interest to watch or listen to during the flight. Onboard Wi-Fi connectivity allows passengers to stay connected and use their electronic devices throughout the flight.

For both business jet aircraft and airliners, the lighting and acoustics of the cabins are designed to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. The choice of colors and materials is carefully studied to create a harmonious environment that meets the passengers' expectations.

We are passionate about delivering unforgettable travel experiences through well-designed, high-quality aircraft interiors. Explore our website to find out more details about customized solutions and the latest trends in the aircraft interior market. We look forward to helping you make your air travel an extraordinary and luxurious experience.

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