Land search for photovoltaic systems

Bizando allows you to rent your land to produce clean energy from the sun, while allowing you to generate value from your idle or low-yield land.

Increase the production of renewable energy and reduce the consumption of energy from traditional fossil sources (Petroleum, gas, carbone) it is now an urgent priority if we want to hand over a livable planet to future generations.

The energy transition is a fundamental element to achieve this goal and to do so, land is needed, even of great extension.

We are looking for land owners (we are not interested in intermediaries) to rent from, and in some cases buy, land that is suitable for the installation of photovoltaic fields.

The main advantages for you are therefore:

  • The possibility of seeing the economic value of your land increase, little used or unused, giving it a new life.
  • Contribute indirectly, through the generation of energy from renewable sources, the process of progressive reduction of environmental pollution

We offer you:

  • The support of a pool of solid and reliable investors, the result of an in-depth selection on the investment market
  • Our heritage of values ​​and ethics that has always distinguished us in the business, therefore seriousness and transparency in relationships, respect for the commitments made and availability towards the needs of the partners with whom we have entered into a collaboration

What we are looking for:

  • land of at least 20 hectares (200.000 square meters), agricultural or with different intended use
  • Smaller plots, but still at least 10 hectares, they will in any case be evaluated upon notification
  • Industrial land, former quarries or disused quarries, former landfills or reclaimed landfills are of preferential interest, as well as agricultural land in the adjacency

The following are the 4 simple steps that will allow you to enter the world of renewable energy:

Analysis of prerequisites

Check the dimensions of your land, its exposure to the sun and its morphological characteristics.
Please note that the land, to be eligible, they must be mainly flat or facing south.
Proximity to medium or high voltage power lines is a preferential requirement.

Verification of absence of constraints

The land must be free from architectural constraints, landscaped, environmental or otherwise

In depth

Leave your contacts to be called back. In case of interest from us, we will organize an inspection of the site and we will provide you with all the necessary information


Performed the necessary technical feasibility checks of the system on your land, we will proceed with the drafting and signing of the contract with the investor. Soon you will start earning!

Check the prerequisites and contact us now!

You will start profiting from your land, actively contributing to the decarbonisation of our planet