Consultancy for telecommunications services

Choice of integrated telecommunications services provider.

Bizando has been selected to support a customer, of primary importance in the world Solidarity Economy, in order to improve communications and identify a single source for voice and data services.

The customer received 4 tenders for the supply of an integrated solution that includes:

  • VoIP su MPLS,
  • simultaneous migration of the data center in the Cloud (compliant con GDPR)
  • adoption of a new unified messaging platform
  • fiber optic access and XDSL

The support of Bizando was asked for the following activities:

  • evaluation of tenders
  • indication of the key parameters to make the best use of the offers contained
  • Comparison of key aspects
  • control and identification of any offer components absent
  • identification / SLA's suggestion to use during contrattualizzazionand
  • coaching during delivery by the supplier (with an indication of guidelines for the aspects to be monitored)

The angle of acronyms and terminology.

The main aspects of cooperation, in Customer Support, concern:

  • xDSL connectivity,
  • FO broadband connectivity,
  • MPLS,
  • Cloud VoIP – UCC,
  • Virtual Data Centers migration,
  • Cyber Security,
  • GDPR compliance,
  • KPI – SLA