Energy efficiency improvement

Professionals at your service for the daily needs of your property.

From the certification of existing plants, in case your original certificates were lost or expired, the complete design of civil and industrial plants.

advanced design of solar thermal systems, photovoltaic, co / trigeneration, permessistica and work management.

Last but not least, energy audits certified by a EGE (Expert Energy Management), basis for preparing a proposal for improvement activities.

Experts in improving energy of football clubs with a significant reduction of lighting and hot water costs.

Energy and energy innovation

  • Energy audit and proposal for improvement activities (AEGEAN)
  • Reduction of sports facilities operation costs: saving on lighting and gas / oil for domestic hot water

Certification pursuant to perfection

  • Firefighting (central heating, garage ...)
  • Energy certification for purchase of flats
  • electrical systems Compliance
  • plumbing Compliance
  • Compliance of gas installations in apartments


  • Projects of civil and industrial plants (electric, plumber, thermal, gas, conditioning, antifire)
  • DAY, SCIA, planning practices, building and fire
  • Technical Report for detachment from central heating, as required by L. 220/12 e DM 37/08
  • Design and permessistica for thermal solar systems (heating and solar cooling), solar photovoltaic and co / trigeneration
  • LED lighting design
  • Feasibility study of the central heating system accounting
  • Construction supervision
  • specifications