Communication 2.0 and over

Today comunicazionv is increasingly EVEN social and the web is not ONLY a virtual space, but a virtual entity that interacts with a real entity and is governed by terms and conditions of engagement different and often more effective techniques conventionally consolidated.

Taking into account this context, Bziando in Partenrship with Jera is able to support brands, products, companies, businesses, organizations and institutions, projects with ad hoc communication, both ON and OFF line, ABOVE BELOW is that the line.

After an initial strategic consulting (little paper and a lot of substance), Bizando and Jera loom the needs and goals of the customer by offering dedicated solutions, communication strategies to marketing campaigns, for the achievement of business objectives.


  • we analyze the competition
  • identify the target audience
  • assess possible impacts of regulatory
  • deepen enablers of technological

On this basis

  • propose the positioning of the company or product on the market
  • create and develop marketing and communication strategies that are effective in meeting its objectives
  • we measure the result of the communication

All in partnership with:

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