It 'important to consider that the small wind turbines and wind power, sector more developed and mature beyond the obvious scaling factor, dynamic and have similar needs.

However, the development potential of small wind turbines are favored by some peculiar aspects that make it more affordable this type of installation compared to those of major power plants:

  • Simplicity in implementation and reduced supply and installation
  • Reduced investment values
  • Reduced time for the authorization procedure
  • Acceptable time for connections
  • Reduced problems of saturation of the electrical capacity of the network
  • Increased availability of suitable sites
  • Perception of increased stability of the incentive scheme
  • Better impact on public opinion and public administrations

Bizando proposes a framework program for development – focused in the regions of Sicily and Sardinia – which provides:

  • Search idoenei targeted sites to be allocated to the installation of small wind turbines from 60KW.
  • Support for all administrative practices aimed at the acquisition of the sites.
  • Design and construction of turnkey plants.
  • Management and operation of the plant throughout the period of useful life

The proposed project from Bizando is characterized by a number of factors extremely positive:

  • Turnkey approach, acquisition of sites for the plant
  • Authorization process very streamlined
  • Rates of return on investment of certain interest
  • Ability to modulate the investment based on the needs of the investor

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