Thermodynamic hybrid

Bizando offers solar concentrators with thermodynamics mode “turnkey”.

The principle of operation of such systems is very simple:

  • the solar rays are focused on a specialized tube composed of glass and steel
  • in the tube flows a liquid (water or oil thermodynamic) that warmed by sunlight is transformed into steam
  • feeds the steam turbine which then transform the thermal energy into electrical
  • in addition to the thermal energy output from the turbine can produce hot water or heating local / remote, as well as can be inserted in an industrial cycle

The proposed Bizando is based on using Italian technology, high rate of innovation and characterized by:

  • electricity production constant, by means of complementary biological combustion (electricity production type “hybrid”)
  • respect for the environment
  • exclusive design of the turbine which produces electricity and thermal energy

The proposal provides Bizando:

  • systematic search for suitable sites to be allocated to the installation from 100KW.
  • support to all administrative practices for the acquisition of sites and obtaining all necessary authorizations.
  • design and construction of turnkey plants.
  • management and operation of the plant throughout the period of useful life